Training for horses and riders who want to make a difference!

Born and raised in a small town in Portugal called Mafra I discovered at an early stage of my life my passion and love for horses. I was lucky to meet many inspiring people along the way such as Mr. Joao Lopes Aleixo, Mr. Georges Malleroni, Mr. Rafael Soto and most recently Ms. Anabel and Mr. Klaus Balkenhol, who gave me faith and guidance to become the rider and trainer that I am today.

I left Portugal in 2016 with the dream to explore new challenges and use my motivation to support riders and their horses to achieve their personal goals. Making the German Working Equitation team to win the World Championships in 2018 (first time ever in history) made me very happy and with this I achieved one of my life´s dreams.  As a freelance trainer I am offering different training options for Dressage and Working Equitation from the unexperienced rider or green horses up to Grand Prix or Masterclass  worldwide.

I speak fluent English and Spanish and improve my German every day. I invite you to explore what I can do for you! If you wish to learn more about me and my idea of an individual and successful training plan, we shall talk soon to make things happen.

"The time with your horse is always limited
- so spend it wisely and make it useful!"


Although my roots are in Portugal, my training is a solid mix of sportive dressage, working equitation elements and classical riding. I offer you different options: from clinics, to regular sessions and digital coachings. In my trainings I welcome horses from all breeds and riders from all levels. You can choose from:

  • Dressage Lessons
  • Working Equitation Lessons
  • Online Live Lessons


Ton Duivenvoorden: Nuno Avelar is a trainer with a broad knowledge of both horse and human training. He knows how to inspire and motivate people. He can explain and demonstrate difficult exercises in such a way that everyone really understands what he means. He personally led me to the title of Dutch Champion Working Equitation several times, for which I am very grateful!

Karin Hauser: Nuno is a trainer who picks up each horse-rider pair individually from where they are at the current level of training. His logical explanations with the help of everyday examples are very instructive for many riders. Nuno always pushes me a little further in the few training sessions a year, always a little more beyond the comfort zone. So I was able to place myself in working equitation up to class M here in Austria. And in autumn 2021 I even became Tyrolean state champion. So if you have the feeling for more or would like to have an AHA experience, you should definitely enjoy Nuno's lessons.

Rebecca Declara: Every lesson with Nuno is not only extremely efficient but also a joy for rider and horse. His training is characterized by his respect for the horses and his unique ability to find the root cause and solution for every problem in the training, education of the horse or communication between the rider and the horse and to explain it so simple and clearly that you always ask yourself: why did I not see that myself?

Raphaela Rohm: With Nuno Avelar I can work all my wishes in horse training and improve my work. He works with us in such a way that we independently question our riding. That we question our feelings and explain our decisions. I really enjoy listening to his lessons and answering his questions. And I'm thrilled with the progress my staff - especially Anna Liemann - are making with his teaching. He also looks after us from afar when we are out with the horses. In addition to the basics of riding, dressage, I also appreciate his work with us in the working equitation course. Both the correct development of the obstacles as well as the coordination of aids and the changeover to one-handed riding are masterfully trained. In this way, Anna was able to quickly develop from a simple leisure rider into a very courageous, sensitive rider with impressive tournament placements.

Daniel Raphael Sewing: There are many trainers out there but what makes Nuno so different and unique is the rare ability to instantly connect with people and horses providing a welcoming and trustful atmosphere which facilitates immediate progress into the right direction. Nuno is without a doubt an extraordinary trainer but overall he is a great person. Training with him means maximum dedication, focus and inspiration - and certainly a lot of fun too while learning new things!

What´s your dream?

I look forward to hearing from you.